6 Wardrobes for Super Hot Summer


The summers are marked with scorching and bright sun. It is therefore prudent to avoid wearing clothes that hug the body. It is better to wear outfits that are porous and loose to enable the body skin to breath. With these specifications, you can find a number of clothes that can become your style statement in hot summer. Wearing these clothes make you feel comfortable no matter where you are. The clothes may range from simple shirts and shots to skirts, maxis and wraparounds. The main aim of these clothes would be to let your body cool down even when the sun is brighter outside. The loose and porous cloths maintain air circulation and help the body to cool down. It is better to wear the cotton cloths in the hot summer. By carefully choosing the clothes, you can beat the heat this summer and appear stylish.

Different Wardrobes

Whatever the cloth model you choose, it is better to have cotton fabrics to avoid too much heat. The clothes should be modelled in such a manner that it offers proper ventilation for the body. In this article, we would be listing wardrobes that are the best fit for super hot summer.

1. You can go for a pleated sleeveless dress so that much of the body heat can be radiated back. The air circulation through under arm helps the body to cool down.

2. The V-neck stretch knit maxi dress ensures proper ventilation through the body during the hot summer season. This provision takes out the body heat in no time.

3. The white cotton shirts and lighter colour shots make sure that your body is not exposed to lots of infra red radiation. The white colour is known to reflect back almost all light falling on it. Hence, it acts as a cover for you to escape the summer heat.

4. It is always better to go for shorts in case of men and skirts in case of women to provide proper ventilation to the lower half of the body. Otherwise the lower half would become moist and allergic reactions due to salt from the sweat will start.

5. It is better to wear a loose Lou & Grey stripped chambray dress to ensure the free passage of air to all parts of the body. This will take out the body heat in no time.

6. The Wraparounds made of linen or cotton provides pores for easy ventilation to the body. The colour of the clothes should be lighter to avoid taking in too much of infra red radiation.

You can beat the summer heat by suitably selecting the cloths. Even with this selections, you can make you style statements.